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At Guardian Legal - we want to help guard your interests, no matter the size - because sometimes the smallest investments mean the most.

Welcome to Guardian Legal

Welcome to Guardian Legal—your premier choice for legal expertise in Southwest Florida. Specializing in asset protection and estate planning, real estate and business law, our boutique firm is committed to delivering personalized service and tailored solutions. Trust Guardian Legal to be your advocates, guiding you with integrity and expertise throughout the ever-changing legal landscape.

In the realm of real estate, we streamline the process for our clients by combining our legal representation services with the ability to facilitate the transaction itself using our closing, title, and escrow services. In business planning, we collaborate with entrepreneurs and business owners to provide strategic legal frameworks for growth and asset protection. As estate planners, we prioritize preserving legacies and securing your loved ones' future. Our commitment to personalized service sets us apart, as we take the time to understand your unique circumstances and offer tailored legal strategies that align with your goals.

Managing Attorney

Dylan Shea

Dylan Shea is an experienced and knowledgeable attorney, who works with clients to develop comprehensive plans that will help to secure and protect their assets for present and future generations.

Dylan graduated from the University of Florida Levin College of Law with his Juris Doctorate and has been practicing law in Florida for over 11 years. Before going to law school he worked in general contracting and development, building mixed use developments, multi-family and single family houses. His legal experience, combined with years of business expertise, allows Dylan to help his clients understand their legal rights, financial goals, and other important factors involved in protecting their families, assets and business interests.

As an advocate for his clients, Dylan works diligently on their behalf to ensure that all of their legal needs are met. He takes the time to fully understand the needs of his clients and provides individualized solutions tailored to their unique situations.

Our Core Values


Local & Reputable

Our Dedication to the Community

Our heritage in Southwest Florida has deep roots. We value the traditions and legacies we have inherited, meaning we view our firm as servants of this beautiful community now and for the years to come. Because of this, we strive to meet people on fair terms and engage in rewarding discussions, where we can work together to create plans that achieve our clients' goals. Ultimately, that is why people prefer to partner with us: we treat people like family and provide advice like a close friend would.

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Our Practice Areas

Real Estate Law

At Guardian Legal, we specialize in helping individuals and businesses who require real estate legal representation in the State of Florida. We have an experienced team with a depth of knowledge in all matters relating to real estate law, including contract disputes and title issues, partnerships and JV Agreements, development, leasing and financing of real estate.

Probate, Estate Planning & Asset Protection

We offer comprehensive services for estate planning, asset protection, and probate. At Guardian Legal, we understand that probate and estate administration can be a complex process. That's why our experienced team is here to help.

Business Planning

Guardian Legal provides comprehensive business planning assistance in the state of Florida. Our team of professionals has extensive experience helping businesses of all sizes with a wide range of legal matters - most importantly asset protection, succession planning, change of control and making sure you have the correct documents and language to accomplish it all.
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We are available 24/7 to speak with you about your specific legal issues. We know how stressful not knowing how you are going to handle the issues that affect you, your family or your business. Our legal team can help you navigate the days ahead.

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